SUJI PARK: is an award-winning international entrepreneur who built a career around her love of fine food. Her businesses provide cross-cultural flavors to today’s consumers on both sides of the Pacific.
Her U.S.-based endeavors; Suji’s Korean Cuisine®-a retail food product brand- and Suji’s Korean Grill®-a fine Korean dining restaurant-allow American consumers to experience the unique flavors of her native Korea.
Suji is a graduate of the International Culinary Center in New York City


Suji’s New York Style Deli® opens in Seoul, Korea offering the best of New York: in-house-cured meats, homemade breads, and of course brunch-a first for Seoul. (read the New York Times article on Suji’s here)


Suji’s Cuisine® builds on the success of Suji’s Deli® and launches restaurant-quality foods into the packaged retail space. With both American staples such as grilled chicken breasts and Japanese favorites like rice burger, Suji’s Cuisine® extends across Korea.


With Suji's restaurants in Korea and Japan-including one in the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo-and packaged foods in retailers in Korea, Suji’s Cuisine® launches its first retail packaged products in Japan.


Following a similar model as Korea and Japan, Suji’s Korean Cuisine® is born in Omaha, Nebraska. With products 100% made in USA, Suji’s Korean Cuisine® introduced Americans to convenient, preservative free Korean cuisine they could easily prepare at home.


As Americans learned more and more about the benefits and flavors of Korean cuisine, Suji’s launched its first U.S.-based restaurant, Suji’s Korean Grill® in Omaha, Nebraska. Award-winning food and excellent service makes Suji’s a regional favorite for Korean BBQ and meal experiences.