Our Story



Suji’s New York Style Deli® opens in Seoul, Korea offering the best of New York: in-house-cured meats, homemade breads, and of course brunch—a first in Seoul (read the New York Times article on Suji’s here)    


Suji’s Cuisine® builds on the success of Suji’s Deli and launches restaurant-quality foods into the packaged retail space. With both American staples, such as grilled chicken breasts, and Japanese favorites, Suji’s Cuisine® extends across Korea.


With restaurants in Korea and Japan—including one in the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo—and packaged foods in retailers in Korea, Suji’s Cuisine® launches its first retail packaged products in Japan.


Following a similar model as Korea and Japan, Suji’s Korean Cuisine® is born in the U.S. from Omaha, Nebraska. With products 100% made in USA, Suji’s Korean Cuisine® introduced Americans to convenient, MSG-free Korean cuisine they could simply prepare at home.


As Americans learned more and more about the benefits and flavors of Korean cuisine, Suji’s launched its first U.S.-based restaurant, Suji’s Korean Grill® in Omaha, Nebraska. Award-winning food and excellent service makes Suji’s a regional favorite for Korean BBQ and meal experiences.